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 EB-3 Law and Benefits - SG VISA

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EB-3 Law and Benefits

US immigration work EB-3 – Overseas Working Abroad Program in the United States

The EB-3 program is summarized as follows:

Applicants submitting EB-3 applications are required to obtain approval of “Foreign Workers Resettlement” or I-140. All applicants must obtain a Labor Certification from the US Department of Labor. Every year, the United States spends 28.6 percent of US-based immigrant visa-based immigrant visa cases under the EB-3 category. SG VISA introduces the EB-3 American Family Settlement Program, in the form of Unskilled workers, as a branch of the EB-3 program and is a simple opportunity for your family to settle in the United States. .

Program does not require:


Foreign Language.


Financial Proof (when you join this program, you do not need to prove to the US government its financial origin)

Eligibility for participation in the EB-3 settlement program unskilled workers

To participate in this settlement program, you must meet the following conditions:

Age: 18 - 50.
To have good health and working capacity and not suffer from contagious diseases.
Employees must also have a clean background, no criminal history, and no expulsion or illegal stay in any country.
Applicants must work as full-time positions for the employer.
You need money to prove you are not burdened by America after settling here.

Attractive benefits for the applicant

Workers and families including spouses and single children under the age of 21 will be issued with a FREE Green Card to settle in the United States as soon as they arrive in the United States.
The opportunity to enter a prestigious university (more Top 10 universities in the US) is higher than international students and costs only 40% of the cost of studying. .
Get a long-term contract in the US with flexible working schedules, friendly and equal working environment.
Ensure stable jobs and earn enough income to ensure that you and your family live permanently in this country.
Can be dual nationality.
To be entitled to full benefits as a US citizen (except for the right to vote).
Fully enjoy the benefits of education, finance, health and social.
Family members have the right to reside, study and work anywhere in the United States.
To receive health insurance, workplace insurance in accordance with US regulations.
Have more learning conditions to improve knowledge, experience after working time.
Get out of the US without Visa.
Apply for citizenship, sponsor relatives.
Successful clients shared at the US EB-3 settlement workshop


1. English for the whole family

All family members will receive a special English communication course before arriving in the United States
2. Job knowledge

General labor work
Office work
Business knowledge
Investment Opportunities
4. Knowledge of prosperity:

Customers will understand the difference between property and consumption between the two markets of Vietnam and America
Consumers have the knowledge to minimize daily living expenses by way of Tax Effectiveness
Knowledge to invest in real estate and successful execution of the formula, management of investment plans in the US to increase assets
5. Contact information

Local interpreters and guides
Finding house, rental house
Repair Services
Real estate inspection service
Pink book service, red book, land management, contract
Accounting and auditing
Real estate brokerage
Mortgage Brokers
Banks, credit institutions
Religious community
Vietnamese community in the United States
6. Assist clients to invest in US real estate

7. Post arrival services

People pick up at the airport and interpret
Purchase sim / card and phone package
Bring home or back to the hotel
Procedures for Social Security Numbers
Get vaccinated and get medical check-up before school
Sign up for admission procedures
Go buy a car or rent a car
Go shopping for everyday things
Go shopping for furniture
Travel to open a bank account (1 local bank, 1 international bank)
Ask the landlord to provide the necessary paperwork to apply for admission
Take the ID card
Provide information and lead the driver license exam (theory and practice)
Take out insurance (car, home and health)
Contact a mortgage broker for housing or investment


  1. Advising, supporting, introducing, providing essential information for Clients in preparing, compiling the file, contacting the competent authority during the completion of the EB- 3 – Residence visa.
  2. Consulting and guiding clients to prepare dossiers, relevant knowledge on the process of processing dossiers, stages in the process of processing dossiers, documents, papers to be translated, notarized by Requested by the competent authority.
  3. Advise clients on the preparation of visa interviews, how to provide information, documents and evidence, and help clients stay mentally motivated before visa interviews at LSQ.
  4. Instruct all customers to work with the competent authorities during the processing of the application.
  5. Advice, support, and customer support are consistent in all of the information that must be provided to US government officials and agencies.
  6. Advise, guide, support customers to schedule medical examinations in accordance with US government regulations.
  7. Advise, recommend, and contact our qualified partners to complete the application to meet USCIS requirements.
  8. Consulting, guiding, introducing, representing the customer contact qualified partners to provide rental service, car rental, home purchase to stabilize life in the United States.
  9. Advise, provide necessary information to help customers acquire basic knowledge to adapt to the new habitat in the United States.
  10. Advise, educate, and provide clients with local knowledge, find the providers and services needed for legal, social security, and daily life issues. USA.