Sharing experience of taking her US visa for the 7th time

Russia has received a visa for the 7th to travel to the United States. When asked about her feelings after receiving the visa, she shared with SG VISA: “Really getting her visa is very happy and happy.”

“She has come to SG VISA four times, when she came to SG VISA, the company helped her solve the problem very quickly, easily and reliably. When she handed over her visa application to the treatment company, she was confident and did not have to think or worry about anything. ”

“She is very reassured about the company, after four visits to her company, she gets her visa once and she does not do anything, she can go to work, go to work until she gets a visa. The company will contact her and she just need to go to the company and get a visa, “she confided.

Finally, she also sent her thanks to the company SG VISA has helped her, she also added: “she later need something to travel or friends, relatives in need Going to the US, she will definitely come to the company and recommend them to consult and work with SG VISA. ”