However, not every place is actually American, so people need to be smart and smart in choosing the right counselor to avoid fraudulent visa counseling. ” 100% “.

Poor quality companies often take the names of famous financial corporations or the likes of the big names to deceive you, giving you the impression that the company is trustworthy. and will actually help you apply for a successful visa. After the name is called the facade, facilities. Layers in the deep gorge, office look messy or straight out that you can immediately recognize it both home and work.

Rented premises in prestigious buildings, but just rent a table or a phone to make a reception, you can think of that much but it costs only tens of dollars for a month rent. only. Of course not 100% of this site is not reputable, but the cheap and temporary lease of space also assesses the actual strength of the company or consultancy center. Next you need to find out clearly, accurately the history and uptime of the company. It is best to choose a company with a low number of years also 3 years or more, the best one is over a decade of operation.

In fact, the visa department of the US Consulate in Ho Chi Minh City has confirmed: “The guarantee of obtaining a visa 100%, especially to apply for visa to the United States actually fraud”. So you need to be careful and wise in choosing the company or center, the US visa counseling service to avoid the loss and trouble that may occur.