Strength of SG VISA | Professional American settlement service

Prepare application file

SG VISA helps you prepare for your application including:

  • The information about your personal identity is better than you think.
  • Legal knowledge and vision of government officials about your application and your applications in Vietnam through years of experience working at the Consulate.
  • Build evidence that your profile is worthy of a visa because your relationship and related information is genuine. In addition, SG VISA also helps you to have a stable, stable and confident psychology to overcome all the challenges in obtaining visa to the United States.

 US Department of Immigration

  • SG VISA helps you meet all the requirements of government officials about your application.
  • Build evidence blocks to convince the Department of Immigration that your records are legal and correct.
  • SG VISA helps you convince the Immigration Department that you are financially capable and your past criminal history will not be a barrier for you to settle in the United States.


GVISA will let you understand your profile as LSQ understands your profile and will know what LSQ looks like when you look at your profile. What questions will they ask?

Desire to obtain information, knowledge and evidence to know that your application is worth the visa to settle in the United States.

In addition, SG VISA also helps you get the answer, helping LSQ ask questions according to your wishes and intentions.

For applications that have been refused or requested by the Consulate

Help you contact US government officials, including the Senator and Congressman, to speed up the process of filing your case more quickly.

SGVISA helps you and your family prepare the details for the LSQ investigation: when LSQ investigates, who will they talk to? What information will they investigate? What questions will they have? And SGVISA helps you and your family prepare all the details to answer LSQ questions.

American Life Integration Package

SG VISA is the first unit to apply the Integration Package to help immigrants integrate into their lives as fast as possible. Package integration we offer:

English (Basic English and Situation)

Why should you use?

Join and make friends, confident in America
Handle situations in public
Get a better job
Take pride in yourself, prepare for the United States
Communicate with anyone
What can we do for you?

Get acquainted, learn and exchange basic information about yourself and the person you are talking to:

Name, address, telephone number
Desire, hobbies, love / hate
Occupation, ability / skill
Habits of daily activities and activities
* Introduction, exchange of information, activities of third parties including family members, friends, colleagues
* Recounting things, activities in the past
* Describe the nature of things, things
* Presenting plans / plans in the future
* Presentation of ability, responsibility, permission
* Describe the purpose, reasons and ways of action
* Describe the shape, personality, human emotions
* Chat topic (weather, hobbies, fashion, music …)
* Handle situations at specific locations (restaurants, hotels, markets, shopping …)
Local knowledge

Why should you use?

  • Living in harmony, knowing the rights and obligations
  • Concerned about action, independence in life, not dependent
  • Equal development and outreach to the community
  • Become a global citizen
    Females are free to develop properly
  • Fair and confident when falling into special situations
  • Reduce cultural shock
  • Independence in travel
  • What can we do for you?

Know how to shop

Bank card (credit creation)

Get phone / sim, sign mobile network / internet package

Find house / rent

Know how to find your own services / locations

School and local culture

Find schools

Insurance, traffic safety

Social Security Numbers, paperwork, procedures

Laws and obligations of immigrants

Use the phone application

Work knowledge

Why should you use?

Stabilize life and integrate with the local

Confidence in yourself, confident in your ability

Be knowledgeable, independent and proactive

Hold the ego

Peace of income, not afraid of unemployment, expanding many opportunities for yourself

Salary and working time as desired

Become a useful person, not a burden of society

Stable life, no financial pressure

Reduce worries about costs

Integration faster

What can we do for you?

Understand the applicant’s work (environment, welfare, income, etc.)

Understand the opportunities and increase the income of your companion

Get jobs and complete the first day of work

Professionalize your social network and create online job profiles

Guidelines for improving the CV / Resume and resume

Complete a CV / Resume in English

Reply in English for interview questions

Knowledge of prosperity

Why should you use?

Development of career, finance and status in the United States

Confirmed class, ego

Become a person with knowledge and a place in society


Live an upstream life

What can we do for you?

Knowledge of property, estate, real estate, investment, financial risks

Knowledge of taxation efficiency and living expenses

Power Team

Power Team

Why should you use?

Faster integration with local services
Get the support you need when needed
Solve problems in your life and work in an efficient, professional and fast way
What can we do for you?

Investment Planner
Sourcing Agents
Title Company
Mortgage Broker
Mortgage Lender
Rehab Company
Letting Agent
Appraisal / Refinance Team
Real estate broker
Car Dealer
Business establishment consultant
Post Arrival

Why should you use?

Feel assured, sure
Shorten the integration time
Dedicated, professional service
Do not bother to relatives
Someone close by, always have a common companion
Keep your ego, social status
Be treated like VIP
What can we do for you?

Airport pickup
Buy sim card
Bring home (rent or buy) or hotel
Social Security Number Procedure
Immunizations and medical examinations before admission
Apply for admission
Car hire - car hire
Daily shopping / furniture
Open a bank account (local and federal)
Ask the landlord to provide the necessary paperwork to apply for admission
Make ID card
Provide information and lead the driver's license examination
Insurance (car, home and health - if needed)
Contact a mortgage broker (mortgage or home purchase or investment)