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 Introducing the City of EB-3: Greenville - SG VISA

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Introducing the City of EB-3: Greenville

City overview

Greenville is the center of Greenville County, South Carolina. Renovating the economy and investing heavily in suburban business is seen as a great turn for Greenville. The city originally referred to as the “fabric capital of the world” has become a potential business city with Hubbell Lighting, Percept IS and Michelin headquarters in North America and many offices. of BMW, …

With a moderate climate, the total population of 58,409 people come from different ethnic groups, the people in the city are always supported by the government and meet the policies of health, culture and society. Greenville’s education system ranks 62th nationwide with many of South Carolina’s most prestigious universities, offering a wide variety of opportunities for selection, training, study and development.


Employment recruitment

Worked at Amick Farms

Amick Farms started out as a small poultry farm with only about 500 birds. With continuous efforts, Amick Farms products are increasingly gaining popularity and are responding to consumer demand in food facilities, food stores, industrial parks and retail customers. Today, Amick Farms is the 11th largest poultry food production base in the world.

Worked at Amick Farm, EB3

Specific work: Working in chicken processing facilities

Job description:

Work 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week

Processing, cleaning, sorting and packaging of poultry products according to the plant’s automated line

Working in Dole

Dole Group is a group that grows, carries, harvests, processes, packages and transports products made from fresh fruits, vegetables and other food products. The company’s motto is to provide customers with fresh vegetable products with high nutritional quality. Dole wants to be a leader in the nutrition and education industry.


Job detail: Fruit packaging staff at the factory.

Job description:

Flexible working schedule

Work 40 hours a week

Fruit packaging under the production line is available in the processing plant

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