Prepare before coming to US

As two articles before SG VISA shared with the readers the views of government officials, especially the US Consulate General (LSQ), on the documents of spousal or fiancé affidavit from Vietnam, and The steps required to prepare the file to overcome difficulties during the processing of the guarantee documents. And this article will talk about the things you need to prepare for easy integration into your new life in the US and do not burden your sponsor as well as society.
After a difficult process of guaranteeing a new life in the United States with many challenges, if you are not well prepared, it will be stressful and difficult to integrate as well as become a burden society. other people. In order to be well prepared for integration and soon to become a community contributor you need some basic skills and knowledge such as English, relationships with social and community organizations, finance needed for the first time, and practical knowledge from those who have experienced this change.
Once you have determined that there will be new life in the United States, you should start as soon as possible to improve your English, especially in English. Many people have struggled for years to learn English through traditional schools in Vietnam but still can not confidently communicate with foreigners as most English language schools in Vietnam are physically fit. more theory than practice. After examining many English language schools in Vietnam, SG VISA has found that only one school in New York School ( has a program called Springboard English English “rush” 12. Every day with each class lasts from 2 to 14 days. This means that students are immersed in the English language during their studies.
Many new immigrants to the United States live, the first time culture shock because they have not thoroughly investigated the new life. With the infinite information available today, accessing information on the internet or the telephone directory of your city will be in the US to establish relationships with Vietnamese community organizations that you should. Learn as soon as possible. Most major cities in the United States have Vietnamese communities and social organizations, such as Buddhist families, Protestant or Catholic churches, Vietnamese student associations, and business associations. Most of these social organizations have a website or Facebook account, so you can look up these organizations, then contact them by Email or leave a message on Facebook or phone. These organizations are run by individuals who, if communicated with these individuals, establish and maintain relationships with them, will provide you with more real-life information about your life in the United States. This information can help you prepare better to integrate into new life.
Along with information that can be found through the internet and other social and community organizations in the United States, the applicant’s family should ask more questions about living in the US for the sponsor or friends and family members. living in America. Job-related information can be found in the new immigration, English language or vocational education for yourself and your family, Social Security card office, driving school and the office where you apply for driver license, car insurance sales office, local bank locations, markets and service offices of the Vietnamese community.
Nevertheless, the initial steps in the United States are better understood by individuals with the same language and culture as the native speakers.
Information and knowledge about new life in America will help you prepare mentally and psychologically for the challenges ahead. However, in order to avoid the “inattentive force” you should be prepared for a certain amount of money to help you survive for at least the first 6 months. Your first six months of financing may include, but are not limited to: share or rent or purchase; buy car, car and health insurance, gas and food, tuition for the profession you will pursue …
The strong will to overcome the initial challenges is the one you need because changes always bring us unforeseen things and we are always afraid of the unknown. Information, knowledge and finance will partly help us integrate into new life and we will be less afraid to understand that there are millions of Vietnamese living in the United States and most of the Vietnamese. This will be ready to guide and help us integrate.
And the last thing SG VISA wants readers to remember is to go to America to live, study, work, invest, grow and become international citizens, is a challenging process.
If you have questions or questions about immigration and immigration issues, please contact SG VISA for more detailed and detailed advice. Wish you readers and loved ones early opportunity to build new life in America.
Huy Ton and SG VISA Team