Viewpoints about the US settlement of SG VISA

Understand the need

SG VISA understands the need and desire to reunite with relatives, to study in advanced education, to new markets to expand business, travel to strange land, work in multinational environment is very important to customers.
Through many years of experience working at the US Consulate General’s HRS and in the field of immigration and settlement, SG VISA found that when not granted entry visa, customers often encounter the following pressure:
  • Being confined to family, friends, neighbors, workplaces and society,
  • Family encountered conflict, lost mutual trust leads to break up;
  • It takes a lot of time to add information and evidence, file a complaint, wait for government officials to respond, or re-open the file;
  • Spending more on documentation, building more evidence, knowledge and information;
  • Suspension of employment to re-establish relationships, information, evidence and knowledge, and this causes many clients to lose their jobs;
  • And there is a lot of pressure when the customer’s profile is denied visa.

Motto of SG VISA

  • Do not provide bad service, deceive customers or deceive ourselves. As SG VISA is deeply aware that providing bad service to customers is a sin and will cause great harm to customers and even themselves. That goes against the purpose and value of SG VISA, which contributes to the “Lesser Planet”;
  • Providing spiritual values ​​to customers through the quality and efficiency of services. Because SG VISA understands that opportunities for reunion with relatives, learning a progressive education, new markets to expand business, traveling to strange land, or working in a multinational environment are price;
  • Accompany customers overcome the difficulties of visa application process entry. As SG VISA believes that customers will be relieved when we go together to succeed.