Going to America in any way possible

Making false records should not be your choice no matter what the circumstances. Not everyone is aware that the consequences of fake paperwork can make your US immigration dream permanently buried.

With the dream of going to America, many people have tried everything to achieve what they want. It is the same thing, many people are still willing to take advantage of many ways to achieve the desire to reach the US visa settlement without realizing its severity.

Failure to do so will result in immeasurable damage, and the most serious consequence of this decision will be a permanent ban on US immigration. Some people still think that if they are found, they will only be beaten at this time and they may apply again. However, the reality does not stop there. Fake paperwork is fraudulent, and the US government can not accept such cases for any reason.

High demand and “illegal”

At present, the number of people seeking to settle in the United States is increasing, and based on this demand, many fraud companies have been created to deceive and seduce people at multiple levels of expense to provide fake paperwork. Applicants do not understand the law. Many uninformed and illiterate people immediately became easily entangled in this activity and received unfortunate results when discovered.

Making false records is becoming more and more widespread, the Consulate also gradually pushed higher levels of alertness and rigor in the process of reviewing records. Moreover, for Consuls, they are trained to detect non-transparent and fraudulent cases. With their skills and experience, you will not be able to fool or get through. In many cases, consular officials do not take too much time to see an extraordinary point in a record. Do not forget, they are trained to be able to detect and see each case of each applicant when exposed. Therefore, do not be foolish to try to fake the truth before them.

The consequences are extremely severe

Penalties for fake applicants also vary from case to case. For the lightest cases – at the warning level, their records will be suspended, the applicant will be subject to administrative fines and the application will be denied. At the most serious level, the applicant will receive a permanent ban and never be able to enter the US forever. Especially in some cases that have passed through the United States but are found to have a lot of trouble, to the extent of danger, you will be deported to the country and prohibited from permanent immigration.

No matter how difficult your profile is, there is always a solution for each situation and do not rush too fast into the fake paperwork because it will be very difficult for you to get through. door Consulate. Keep this in mind if you want to settle in USA!

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