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Common worries when interviewing American settlers

Experienced in immigration, US immigration. SG VISA understands that interviewing is important during the application process. To get good results for the upcoming American settlement interview, you should be prepared carefully, avoiding the following conditions:

  1. Too stressed out before the interview – too stressful psychology.
  2. Answer stinky, not smooth, coherent.
  3. Speech is unclear, crooked or stumbling.
  4. Talk about many, many explanations without going into the main goal of the question.
  5. Talk too little to open questions, do not express the need.
  6. Answered incorrectly the focus of the question.
  7. Speaking a lot, even I myself do not know what I want to express.
  8. Do not know your information in a specific and accurate way.
  9. The documents, records, photographs and information provided in the forms submitted to the Department of
  10. Immigration (USCIS) or the U.S. Consulate General are not known.
  11. Unknown information about the guarantor.
  12. There is no information about your relationship, the beneficiary, and the petitioner.
  13. It is not clear to the particulars of the time (the numbers of dates) and of the sponsor.
  14. We do not know your address, the sponsor’s name and the member’s name.
  15. Do not remember the context or environment of the first or last encounters.
  16. Unclear information about the individual and family of the sponsor.
  17. Do not know the sponsor has passed the United States, what kind, go with whom.
  18. Information about the employment, economic, financial and income of the sponsor and co-sponsor.
  19. I do not know where to go with the US.
  20. I do not know whether my papers and the sponsor have any mistakes that need to be corrected. (You need to correct the exact information on the documents before filing)
    Do not know the information on your paperwork has been corrected, erased when or why and is valid.
  21. Do not know if your name has ever been in the US immigration or immigration application, usually by:
  • Ordered Departure (ODP),
  • The Republic of Vietnam (HO) veterans program,
  • The McCain Amendment,
  • Vietnamese Refugee Return Program (ROVR),
  • Amerasian, and Family Petition programs,
  • And some other programs.

Calm down and list all the things that need to be prepared before going to the US immigration interview

Before you file, you should know very well and accurately your information. To do this in a settlement interview, you need to do the following:

  1. View all of your papers thoroughly before completing the application (refer to Required Documents for US Resident Records).
    Make copies of all applications and papers you submit to USCIS or agents (representative offices), 2 copies each, one for the beneficiary and one for the petitioner.
  2. Investigate and ask family members if there is a case where you or your parent has ever applied for entry or residence with your name in the record.
  3. To systematize your information according to the following items:
  • Docs (photos and photos have been and will be submitted to USCIS).
  • Personal information of yourself and your sponsor.
  • Family information about yourself and your sponsor.
  • Financial information, income and employment of yourself and the sponsor.
  • Information on marriage, marriage, marriage, divorce, adoption of the person and the sponsor (details of the date, place, and persons involved) (dates and places) and people involved).
  • Information about the relationship between you and your sponsor (enough details: date, place, and people involved) (Dates, places, and people involved)
  • AND GIVE AM UNDER YOUR PAPER AND INFORMATION ON YOUR PHOTOS AND GUARDIAN (SG VISA knows you are repeating this, but this is the most important point that you must know clearly).


Each case is a different case

You should remember this, “each case, each case has different points,” so it can not be negligible that when interviewing immigrants US Consular Officer will ask a number of questions Definitely, or more specifically, the officer puts the sentences for this person just as the sentences will be for the other person. So, you have to be very clear about your profile and not compare to other records that why A, A, B approved (denied) or requested Additional information and evidence.