American immigration under Family sponsorship

This is one of the popular American settlements of the Vietnamese. American family sponsorship programs include parental sponsorship and sibling sponsorship. Depending on the specific case of each case, the time for reviewing the dossier will be different.

Guarantees of this popular category include:

F1 Surrender: Single Cousins ​​of US Citizens

F2: Spouse and children or single children of Permanent Resident. F2 is divided into F2A and F2B

F2A: Spouse and children of Permanent Resident
F2B: Single children of Permanent Resident
F3: The married children of the United States

F4: Sibling of US Citizen

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American Immigrant Marriage (Spouse, Fiance)

Settlement under the spousal guarantee or fiancé / spouse of a Permanent Resident or US citizen. The filing time is fast, but this is also the type of record that Consular officials pay special attention to due to the number of false positives.

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US immigration under the EB3 settlement

The EB3 American Settlement Program is a new settlement program and is currently considered a trend in the Vietnamese community. With the EB3 settlement program, applicants must commit to work at least one full-time position for a US company. Your spouse and dependent children under 21 years of age will be resident in the United States and receive unconditional Green Cards. To participate in the program, applicants must be of working age. However, with our application at SG VISA, we have specific conditions for applicants

  • Applicants must be of working age
  • Applicants are married and have children under the age of 18 to receive maximum benefits from the program
  • Applicants should prove that they are not the burden of the United States when settling here
  • This is a paid program and has a processing time of 18 to 36 months

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US immigrants are business people L1-A

Business Visa L1-A is a form of non-immigrant visa (Non-Immigrant Visa), part of the L (visa). This visa is similar to a work permit in Vietnam. The applicant has the right to reside and work legally in the United States without any additional work permits.

Approved by the US government in 1970 to attract and call on America’s best entrepreneurs, businessmen, and executives to help strengthen US economic and trade capabilities. To participate in the program, applicants should meet the following conditions:

  • Applicants hold the position of CEO / manager of a qualified company for a continuous year for three years
  • Nearest year
    Proven ability to manage and operate