After being dropped out of interviews with the Consulate General (LSQ), many people became confused and became unaware of what to do next. That psychology makes it easy for you to become discouraged and not to make wise decisions in the next period on your record process.

There are many cases where interviews fail but do not understand why. The first psychological appearance in them was the feeling of depression and lack of hope in the interview. When you do not really understand what the reason for your failure is, it is very difficult to avoid mistakes in the next record.

Normally, after the interview, if the applicant fails to persuade the LSQ, the applicant will receive the green paper from the LSQ and request to supplement the missing documents. Based on this request, the applicant will supplement and submit to the LSQ within the prescribed time and ensure full documentation.

If after supplementing the papers and still not enough to persuade the LSQ, the LSQ will continue to request investigations. If the record has any loopholes or relationships are not convincing, then the final decision is to close the file completely, this is also the decision means the process of filing the applicant failed. Therefore, to avoid this situation you need to complete the profile is good when LSQ requirements.

In this step, the first thing you need to do is to calm down and follow the LSQ requirements. Having worked with SG VISA, in addition to the preparation of a good record and strong psychology, confidence in the interview, any arising from government agencies for your case, SG VISA Quickly help you solve problems and overcome obstacles in the most effective way.

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