Questions – Answer for EB-5 investors

1. Requirements of the EB-5 program

– For investors and family members such as spouses and children under 21 celibate.

– Invest in a project approved and approved by the US government with an investment of $ 500,000 and must demonstrate the legality of the funds.

– The investment project must create at least 10 full-time jobs for indigenous peoples.

2. Does an investor need any education or business experience?

No need. Investors do not need any business experience or education requirements, but you need to meet the only requirement is to have enough money to invest and prove that the money is legitimate.

3. What is the most difficult part of participating in the EB-5 investment program?

In many cases of failure to review the EB-5 investment program, the most difficult issue is to demonstrate the legitimacy of the investment or the investor’s supply of too little information about the source of the investment. This is a big money and now there are many cases that take advantage of this program to launder so the review is difficult and the proof of its legitimacy also encountered many obstacles.

4. What are the benefits of participating in the EB-5 program?

– To be granted a green card for the entire family (spouse, children under 21 years of age).

– Enjoys the same benefits as US citizens except for the right to vote, to stand for election or to work in the political field.

– It is possible to sponsor relatives after settling.

5. Can investors buy real estate worth $ 500,000 and get a green card?

Can not. As a condition of participating in the EB-5 program, it is required to invest in a project approved and approved by the US Government and must create 10 jobs for 10 people in the United States. Participating in the EB-5 investment program.

6. How long does it take for an EB-5 program to be approved and issued?

Usually most programs are accepted within 10 to 12 months. However, in some cases, due to the problem of proving the investment, the time can be extended until the legitimacy of the investment is settled.

7. How much investment must prove to be legal?

There are many forms of proof: – Income from corporate profits – Personal income: donated, given, inherited. – From real estate, stock, stocks.

8. After receiving a permanent resident card and living in the US, is the landlord staying in the project area?

Are not. Investors have the same rights as a US resident so they can live anywhere in the United States without having to live in the project.

9. For the EB-5 project directly, how should the calculation of the number of spills be calculated?

Calculated based on the number of people directly working on the project and direct income from this project.

10. How long will it take to sponsor a child over 21?

Usually, the guarantee period is usually 5 years. However, if the family has green card, the child is studying in the US, … the guarantee period will be faster.