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Dear Mr. Huy Ton and SG VISA,
After reading some of the articles you wrote about the EB-5 in the past few months, I and my family have discussed the chances of US immigration under this program, however. We still have many questions to be clarified. Mr. Huy Ton asked me some of the following.
Which investment projects are reliable and what factors help investors determine the success of these projects.
Hopefully Huy Ton will respond soon to help our family more information before deciding to change lives.
Dao Van Trung



Hi Trung and your readers are interested in the EB-5 settlement program. In this article, we will share some information about the Washington Park Partners XIV project (WPP XIV) administered by the Seattle Regional Center (SRC).

The SRC was established the last time SRC was licensed by the USCIS to become a Regional Center on January 18, 2012. The SRC director is Kevin Stamper, a lawyer with more than 20 years of experience. in the field of immigration law. LS Stamper has represented individuals, corporations, regional centers, and project developers seeking USCIS approval to participate in the EB-5 settlement program.

“Reliable Investment Project and the ability to succeed”.

So far, the SRC has designed and successfully managed over 20 projects, including projects for foreign investors participating in the EB-5 program and projects for residential investors. American people. In 2013, SRC has designed and manages a number of projects for foreign investors with over 600 EB-5 visa applications:

The first project for SRC’s largest EB-5 program is a Seattle hotel with a total investment of $ 225 million from 450 investors from China. The location of this project is at the intersection of 5th Avenue and Columbia Avenue in downtown Seattle, and this project has been implemented with a plan to be completed by 2015. At present, all 450 investment properties Ownership – this is the largest EB-5 project in the United States this year, and the project landlord is one of Seattle’s largest hotel operators – now owns Seattle’s largest hotel buildings, including Sheraton Hotel, Park Hyatt Hotel, Renaissance Hotel and many more.

The second project for foreign investors is a multi-purpose building, Dexter Station, in Seattle with a total investment of $ 120 million from 150 investors from China. The project landowner is owned by a well-known Seattle real estate developer, and the project has developed two foundations, with plans to complete construction by mid-2014. At present, all of the top 150 Private investors have registered and the project has no longer receive further investment applications.

The third project for foreign investors through the EB-5 program is Washington Park Partners XIV, LLC (WPP XIV). WPP XIV was established for the purpose of constructing or restructure residential or commercial real estate projects in Seattle and marketing and commercialization of finished products to the market. WPP XIV offers 20 investment incentives for expatriates to obtain a visa under the EB-5 investment program. The total cost of project management that each investor pays to the SRC is $ 37,500 and the investment is $ 500,000.

WPP XIV WPP XIV has a number of advantages that can help investors save capital and bring high returns. First, this project was conducted under the mandate and management of the SRC. And SRC will not because a small project has 20 investment rates that affect the Regional Center license granted by the USCIS on January 18, 2012, because if the SRC license was revoked by USCIS, will lose the opportunity to continue to operate and provide services for more than 600 EB-5 visas from other projects.

WPP XIV builds or repairs existing and new civil works, such as villas or homes, and they associate with corporations or corporations that own large properties. The owners of the property agreed to sell to WPP XIV and they only received the money after the project was sold to the market. This means that WPP XIV will not have to borrow money from the bank for the capital to own the properties necessary for the construction of the building.

“Reliable Investment Project and Success”.

The total capital of WPP XIV and its partners will own over 60% of the project and the capital of the investors will own nearly 40% of the project. The revenue and profit distribution plan of the works is that after selling to the market, the revenue from the project will be divided into the following formula: 1) investor’s capital, 2) 6% preferred share of Investors, 3) the cost of property owners, and 4) profit for WPP XIV and SRC. This means that if the building is not profitable more than 6%, real estate owners, WPP XIV and SRC will not receive a financial return. And WPP XIV and SRC understand that they are not involved in the business so they do not have the financial welfare, so they choose the most profitable ones to help their companies recover. profit. So the opportunity to capital and 6% of preferred shares are returned to investors is very high.

The real estate market in Seattle has not been as bad as the tourist cities in the last few years. Seattle has a number of multinational corporations, including Microsoft, Boeing, Amazon, Starbucks, Nordstrom and Costco. Seattle is also one of the largest cities with the highest number of immigrants in the United States. At the same time, Seattle’s population is growing rapidly, according to US government statistics. Seattle has 2.6 million residents by 2010, but by 2020 the population will rise to 4.0 million.

WPP XIV is a very good project for Trung’s family with your readers interested in investing because SRC is a regional center with many years of experience so they do not have a small project that affects the license. USCIS as well as their reputation. The structure of the revenue sharing scheme from the project will help investors preserve capital and enjoy a 6% preferred share. The small construction of villas and homes in Seattle will have a fairly large consumer market and relatively high levels of project liability as consumers’ needs are real. Should WPP XIV be a good US investment opportunity – EB-5 is good for investors.

We VIS VISA hope to help Trung and other interested readers to better understand WPP XIV as well as to present a comparison between one project and another. If you and other readers have any questions please contact SG VISA via email or phone. Wish his family Trung soon settled in the United States.