Dear readers, as promised in the previous post about the EB-5 Settlement Investment Program, SG VISA would like to share a small project dedicated to an investor and will create more than 10 full-time jobs. directly to meet the US Citizenship and American Citizenship (USCIS) requirements to help clear the conditions on the green card and to turn the investor’s family into a regular US Permanent Resident.

The Fatburger Restaurant Project is a direct investment project that does not go through any Regional Center, so the USCIS is reviewing the I-526 for an average of 16-24 months if it is a regional center project. Homeowners will be granted a visa and a green card with conditions earlier and will be settled in the United States sooner if compared to the same project located in the Regional Center. Shorter filing times will give the investor an opportunity to live, study, work, integrate, and develop in the US environment sooner, and this is a real option. Most of the investors, especially those who have children in their 21s, because once their children reach 21 years old, these children do not have the opportunity to join the family in the program. EB-5 Settlement Investment if the family does not open a separate file for each of their 21-year-olds.

Investment project eb-5, ensuring 100% green card, 100% preserve capital, make sure create 10 direct jobs.

Normally a Fatburger restaurant will require between 14 and 28 full-time employees to work for two shifts and any individual can count those employees if they walk into a restaurant. Fatburger any time during working hours, so investors will no longer worry about whether the project will generate 10 full-time, direct or indirect jobs or stimulus. citizens, permanent residents and legal residents living in the area. This is quite different from the way the Regional Center projects work through the Economic Report by an Economist. It is very likely that the Economist’s Economic Report will not be created in the best way to protect the interests of investors because the economist who is developing the project pays and loves. The project developer’s demand is that an economic expert must produce an economic report that has the most direct, indirect and stimulating economic impact possible for the project developer to call. Many investors will get more capital to use, and the goal of the project development company is to make a profit in the investment project rather than creating more jobs to meet the needs. Both the USCIS requirements for the Investors. If in fact a project developer creates a lot of work, this means that the cost of building and operating the project will be high and the project’s profit will be lower or the project will suffer losses, and This is obviously not the business goal of the project development company.

10 full-time jobs created to meet USCIS requirements for each investor will be very important at the time the investor filing I-829 requests USCIS to remove the condition on the Green Card for their family Become a regular Permanent Resident 2 years after they have immigrated and reside in the United States. If the I-829 project filed with the Regional Center has not yet been completed and put into operation, it is likely that the I-829 file will be rejected by USCIS. In the past and at present there are many projects, especially those under the Regional Centers promoted in China, India and Vietnam, and the investors in these projects are The unit will be most affected because their money has been put into the project so it can not be retrieved and their Green Cards are unlikely to be cleared by the USCIS so they can become permanent residents. Even USCIS has yet to announce the huge number of pending I-829 applications that have not yet been finalized because if USCIS declares I-829 to be too denied, it will have a very negative impact on the market. EB-5, so in 2013 USCIS just announced that more than 600 I-829 applications were approved while thousands of investors have come to the time of filing I-829 request USCIS review to remove conditions on the Card Their green.

Investment project eb-5, ensuring 100% green card, 100% preserve capital, make sure create 10 direct jobs.
Fatburger Restaurant was established in 1952 and only concentrated on fast-food trade and by 1990 they had started to launch franchise restaurants, and today More than 150 Fatburger restaurants in 29 countries. According to the Fatburger Group, more than 300 Fatburger restaurants are under construction and more than 450 fatburgers will be available by 2014. Over the years, Fatburger has gained a lot of experience and has had a successful formula in the fast-food sector, and people who want to become their franchisees must meet their very tough requirements, such as business experience in the restaurant sector, financial capacity and available cash capital. Because the Fatburger Group does not want to franchise its brand to individuals or units that have no experience and the financial capacity to weaken these franchisees to operate poorly and to spoil the brand that they have abandoned. more centuries to build. Fatburger’s successful formula will be applied very seriously and rigorously, from the very beginning of the establishment of a restaurant such as finding and choosing the right places for the fastfoods business environment. Regular training program for core managers, marketing programs and marketing campaigns to encourage consumers to know the brand and products of Fatburger. . To date, Fatburger restaurant success rate is over 98%, and only Fatburger restaurants by Fatburger’s unsuccessful dietitians are having trouble getting Fatburger Restaurants.
For projects through the Regional Center it is difficult to find projects that can prove they have successful formula to ensure that the jobs needed for the investor to clear the Green Card Conditions will be created. Their investment will be preserved, as most of the projects through the Regional Center are the first in the field of construction and operation, so no similar cases have ever happened. In the past, investors will base their judgment on the project they are planning to invest in. But there are still a lot of investors who put their faith in advertising, visa brokers and unfinished information they find on the internet. Confounding beliefs of investors are likely to lead their families to very bad results, as after 2 years of establishing a life in the US since being granted a visa and a Conditional Green Card, their family will USCIS asked to leave the US because of the fact that their investment project did not produce 10 jobs as the economic report was written by economists. Dear readers, in the next post, SG VISA will share some more in-depth information on financial issues and who will be responsible for the amount of investors when they decide to invest in the first program. EB-5 Residential Design. If you have other questions, please contact SG VISA for more detailed and detailed advice.
Huy Ton & SG VISA Team