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 Questions - Answers the EB-5 IMMIGRTION INVESTMENT - SG VISA

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Questions – Answers the EB-5 IMMIGRTION INVESTMENT

Questions on EB-5 investment and US visa settlement through the project.

Questions: If the investor has multiple children, will all children of the investor be issued green card under the EB-5 settlement program?

Answer: Unmarried children and under 21 years old, all of them will receive an immigrant visa when the application is approved. If one of the under-21 children of an investor is studying in the United States at the time the application is approved, he or she is considered an immigrant by adjusting his or her visa status from Student visa to immigrant visa.

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Question: When will the investor invest $ 500,000?

Answer: When the investor has completed the necessary documents, the Regional Center will require the investor to transfer the amount of investment $ 500,000 into the project’s security account. This investment will remain in the account until the I-526 is approved by the USCIS.

Question: What to do when I want to switch from a conditional green card to a permanent green card?

Answer: The immigration officer will assess whether the investment of $ 500,000 has actually been invested as per I-526 and has generated 10 full-time jobs. If these requirements are met, the I-829 will be approved and conditional green cards will be converted to permanent green cards.

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Question: When investing in a project in a city, do investors need to live in that city area after receiving a green card?

Answer: No. Investors can live anywhere in the United States.

Question: Can investors use donations from relatives to invest in projects?

Answer: Yes. Family members or someone else can donate the investment. However, investors need to prove the legal origin of this money.

Question: Are investors and family members required to stay in the United States during a conditional green card?

Answer: Not mandatory. Investors and family members can go to Vietnam many times without restriction but not outside the United States more than 6 months (over 183 days) in a year.

Question: What is the condition of green card and citizenship card after green card?

Answer: Green card maintenance: Do not leave the United States for more than 6 months (over 183 days) Citizenship: Holds a green card for 5 years and lives in the United States for at least 30 months (accumulating at least 6 months each year). At this point, investors can apply for citizenship.

Question: What is the difference between Citizenship and Green Card?

Answer: The difference between Green Card and Citizenship is not much. When owning a green card, the investor has almost every interest as a US citizen. At the citizenship, investors will have two more electoral and political rights.

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Question: After obtaining the green card, can the investor continue to do business in Vietnam?

Answer: Yes. Vietnam has now passed a law allowing a citizen to have dual nationality rights at the same time, so investors who have green cards can still operate normally in Vietnam.

Question: How are the benefits of a green card holder different and conditional?

Answer: According to the regulations, investors who receive EB-5 Immigrant Visa will receive a “conditional” green card or two-year green card. Then, apply for a green card or green card permanently (green card 10 years and then re-issue). The benefits of these two green cards are the same.

Question: What is the condition to switch from a conditional green card to a permanent green card?

Answer: The investment is still in the project and each investment yields and maintains at least 10 full-time (direct and indirect) jobs within 2 years.

Question: Do I need to go to the US soon after receiving my visa?

Answer: A visa granted in the EB-5 program is a 6-month Immigrant visa. Within this period, the investor can schedule a time for the United States to receive a conditional green card.

Question: If the applicant has a petition, can I join the EB-5 program?

Answer: Absolutely. Because the EB-5 records and petition records are independent.