Dear readers! In this article, SG VISA would like to share with you how to evaluate a project capable of generating 10 full-time jobs (for citizens, permanent residents, and legal residents in the area) for each investor to meet USCIS regulations. This key element needs to be thoroughly addressed before the investor engages in a settlement investment program.
EB-5, because if the project can not satisfy this factor it is very likely that the investor’s family will not be able to clear the condition on the green card and / or the investment will not be preserved. To help you assess your project, SG VISA will provide you with a number of questions that all investors need to be consulted by the consulting firm and the project development company.
To meet at least 10 jobs for each developer, a project developer must have a business plan. If the project is located in a regional center, a project is required. Economic Report prepared by an economist to analyze that this project will generate some direct jobs, some indirect jobs, and some jobs that are triggered. prefer. The business plan and the ESC will be submitted together with Form I-526 for approval by USCIS in the initial stage when the investor’s family wishes to obtain a permanent resident visa and become a conditional permanent resident.
Investment project eb-5 settlement, 100% guaranteed green card, 100% preserve capital, make sure create 10 direct jobs …
At this stage, if the business plan and the draft decides to be OK, then the heaviest liability will be on the investor’s shoulder, as they need to demonstrate the amount of investment and other financial resources. They want USCIS to know that they can legally bring in the US and transfer the money to the US with concrete and convincing evidence. Investors also need to prove that they will use the visa properly; They will not become a burden or a threat to society, and the relationship between their family members is justifiable. But this stage is not the decisive stage to help the family of investors become unconditionally permanent residents of the United States and to keep them permanently unconditional; It is only for investors to have green card conditional only.
The next step is that after entry and a conditional green card, the developer and investor must demonstrate to the USCIS that they have implemented the terms of the business plan and the draft ESC. The responsibility for implementing this second step will be within the powers of the developer, and most of the projects on the market today do not allow investors the opportunity to change or influence. their future and their capital, as the investor will not know what their capital will be in the project’s expenditures or whether the amount of their investment is actually used for the intended purpose. for the project to create 10 jobs as specified by USCIS.
Once an investor moves his or her capital into a project, they know and trust that the project developer will carry out the project according to what they and the brokerage firms advertise on the market. school. However, the endorsement of the use of this capital for any expense is entirely a mystery to the investor, even a mystery to the brokerage firm of the project. Many investors are being advertised aggressively in the Vietnamese market. The information that investors receive from project developers, brokers and law firms or lawyers is the same, believe us because we have a reputation in the market. Our business and for the long-term future, we will not be able to damage you to the investors that affect the brand of our company. This is quite a common message that almost all project developers and brokers are announcing to the Vietnamese market, and according to SG VISA’s experience this is indeed One of the two things that investors must understand well is to make informed decisions about the amount of capital they will invest in the project. So when a real investor is interested in a project, one of the two questions that needs to be addressed by the project developer and the brokerage firm is clear and concise: