For those who have been living in the United States, getting a Green Card is something that many people want to live and work in the United States. Currently, green cards in the United States are issued in two forms: a 10-year green card and a two-year green card. When you do not meet the conditions of the green card for 2 years during the application and is granted, will not be considered for a green card for 10 years. Depending on the subject, the application for green card in two different forms.
Generally, the green card period is from 1 month to 2 months, but can vary from state to state or from one application to another.
Many people questioned after 2 months in America but still not granted green card? The green card has a great influence on the psychology as well as the daily lives of newcomers to the United States. So in the above case you need to do?
Normally, if the green card is delayed for more than 2 months, the Department of Immigration and Naturalization (USCIS) will send the letter by post to the delay. If you do not receive a letter from USCIS, you can contact the Immigration and Naturalization Service in your State of residence for advice or a phone call to the Social Security Number. You should also prepare the necessary paperwork to carry out consistent procedures in the US.
In the meantime, you can take your social security card by using the green card number provided on your passport for other documents such as ID, driver’s license, admission.
Because in the United States, if you do not have an ID, using a temporary visa is unlikely to be acceptable in some US agencies and is unlikely to integrate into American life.