America is a modern country with advanced economy and technical development. US transportation is considered complex and not easy to adapt to newcomers.

Therefore, you should carefully study and strictly follow the traffic laws here to ensure the safety of yourself and others.

1. Compliance with traffic laws

The US road traffic system is jammed with signboards of all kinds, even in the desert, in the woods, in the parking lot, in the garage, in the alley, in the countryside. … you need to follow these signs to ensure proper and safe circulation.

America is a large country, so vehicles are mostly cars. According to statistics, 80% of the US population owns at least one car. Traffic laws in the United States stipulate that drivers of vehicles, in any case, must give way to pedestrians.

In the United States there is now a widespread deployment of automated traffic surveillance cameras at major roads, in areas with many pedestrians and around schools to monitor and punish severely the cases. Traffic participants do not give way to pedestrians, especially with the safety of children. You need to know this in order not to offend, to avoid unnecessary trouble whether accidentally or intentionally.

When you miss the traffic law (go over speed, cross the red lights, park the car not in the right place …), if the police stop then you have to sit in front of the steering wheel, put the hand where the scene. Can not see, do not get out of the car, present to the police all the necessary documents (driver’s license, vehicle registration, car insurance …) and police self-records, , clearly state the name of the police and the place where the violation occurred. In addition to driving, anyone in the car is not allowed to walk out of the car. Never give up or explain to the police because they do not accept the reasons you give but you are at risk of further penalty for obstructing the duty.

2. Refer to the public transport system

If you do not use a car to get on the road and use public transport such as a bus, get some information about the schedule of your trip so you can get to where you need to go. This can take your time and money.

Or if you use bicycles or motorbikes in the US, you still enjoy the full right of way on the road as the driver of the car. Most states in the United States prohibit the use of horn, the use of headlights.

Whether you take traffic in any form or means, it is absolutely necessary to go the right lane and strictly abide by the traffic signs, the safety of yourself will be absolutely assured, because with a The civilized country where the consciousness of the people is very high, with strict laws like the United States, although the traffic system is intricate, but each person’s consciousness is in compliance with the regulations. In terms of traffic, your safety and social security are always guaranteed.