Changing lives from a developing country like Vietnam to a advanced country like the United States is a huge change that requires careful preparation in all aspects.

Any person who changes their living and working environment must prepare and understand the basic information to prepare for integration into the new place. The sudden change of habitat makes you spend a lot of time integrating and adjusting without any preparation. In particular, moving to another country often brings feelings of nervousness, anxiety to anyone. America is considered a land of many people paradise with the desire to have a better life, get more progress.


US immigration is considered a huge change that requires careful preparation in both psychology and knowledge and some other prerequisite material to reduce the risk of unwanted. when immigrating.


The prerequisite when you arrive at a strange place is that you must have a shelter. In order to be able to search quickly and suit your needs, you should consult the real estate website where you live. You can rent or buy a home depending on your family’s finances, but take note of the housing procedures here, and especially in the United States, most immovable papers. All must go through a lawyer.

If you have a housing problem, look for settler organizations, most of the countries that have a policy of attracting people have government organizations or active organizations. GoV will provide funding to help early settlers integrate into the community. These organizations will provide useful information to help settlers. All this information is free of charge and is the responsibility of the above organizations.

Communication problem

In a strange country, things seem to have become too alien to you, so to be able to ask for help or to integrate into the new community as quickly as possible, equip yourself with a copy. Good foreign language, because it is the best bridge to help you integrate into new life. America is a multi-ethnic country, Americans are very open but they always keep a certain distance when they do not understand you. In particular, Americans value respect for their rights and independence, noting that there is a better and more appropriate way of communicating here.


Traffic infrastructure and the sense of obeying the traffic laws of each person in the United States is very good and disciplined, so when you do not need to worry too much for fear of traffic accidents. Although there are many forms of travel in the United States, including buses, subways, taxis, bicycles, cars. However, for those first time arriving in the United States, for convenience you can use a bicycle or a bus. Trying to get a driver’s license, a newcomer usually takes at least a year to drive a car.



US health care does not discriminate against people who have money or no money, when they enter the hospital who treats everyone equally. It represents the equal rights of every human being in this civilized country. In addition, when people reside in the United States, people are covered by government health insurance cards, and they need to show this card when they visit the health care facility. New residents usually have to wait about 3 months to receive a health insurance card. There is a free medical system in the United States. However, that does not mean that all medical expenses are free, there are paid services such as eye care, teeth and some major surgeries.

In the US, if you try to study, even the low-income families will get help from the government. The US Government is very focused on education and is constantly investing and supporting many aspects such as financial support (tuition support and non-interest loans) until graduation … so let’s get to know It is important to understand the US educational system, especially the government’s help for immigrants, in order to participate in the world’s leading higher education.


In addition, before settling in the United States, you need to learn about history, politics, culture (customs, holidays in the United States), life in the US, life of the Vietnamese community. in the US if you are prepared to live in a place where there are many Vietnamese to be able to quickly integrate into life in this advanced country.