Applying for US Citizenship is something that many permanent residents want to address. Check with SGVISA why permanent residents should apply for US Citizenship.

Permanent residents usually apply for US Citizenship for benefits that are more likely to be US citizens than permanent residents.

First, when you become a US citizen, you will save a huge green card renewal fee. Once you become a US citizen, your status is permanently guaranteed, but if you are a permanent resident, you will have to pay the renewal fee every 10 years and the fee may increase over time. This leads you to spend a small amount on this unnecessary expense.

Having American citizenship will give you more job opportunities and scholarships. At present there are many federal jobs, especially those related to security and law enforcement, which are generally preferred to US citizens. In addition, becoming a US citizen you and your children will receive more scholarships and grants from American-only schools.

As a US citizen, your ability to sponsor relatives and families will be higher and shorter waiting times for permanent residents. And when your children are born you will be recognized as a US citizen if you already have US citizenship.

Having American citizenship will protect you from being deported in the United States. Currently the United States has a list of offenses that, if the offense is committed, will be expelled from the United States. Although these crimes are very mild, it is often just a negligence that does not lead the offender to jail. But if he or she is a permanent resident, it will be expelled from the United States. As for American citizens, the heaviest penalties they have to bear are just jail, not deported anywhere.

Being a US citizen will make your exit easier and less restrictive. Once you have US citizenship you will be exempted from visas to many countries leading to your travel, work, business becomes easier. If you are a Permanent Resident, there will be restrictions on your travel, even if the Permanent Residents lose their legal residence when they live and work too long outside the United States.

Finally, the most important thing is that when you become a US citizen you will have the right to participate and vote to contribute to the political change of the United States.

From the above, if you want to live permanently in the United States, apply for American citizenship to get more benefits from the Government and to ensure your permanent residency.