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 US Immigration Assistance Programs - SG VISA

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US Immigration Assistance Programs

Most of the countries that have a policy of attracting immigrants are government organizations or government community organizations that will assist in helping newcomers integrate early in the community.

Any person who changes their living and working environment must prepare and learn the basics to integrate. To find out more, you can contact state, county or municipal government agencies to find out about available services or ask for information from local organizations that help newcomers. You can find these offices and organizations by using free services such as:

Public library

All towns and cities in the United States have a local public library; you can have librarians search and provide information on a variety of topics for you, or ask your local library. They are about services provided in the community.

In addition, you can read local newspapers and use computers to access the internet at these libraries. To find the nearest library, go to

Telephone directory

Include phone numbers and important information about federal, state and local community services. With the directory, you can also find the information you need in case of an emergency, or search the local map, or phone numbers, addresses of businesses and organizations you need.

Alternatively, you can also pay toll-free 411 to find specific phone numbers anywhere in the US. There are a number of directory sites to look up for numbers and addresses, but usually you only get information about your area of ​​registration, for specific information, you will need to pay a certain amount.


You can find information, websites of federal, state and local government agencies on the internet. Most government websites have “.gov” at the end. With the Internet, you can easily find work, accommodation, school for your children or find community organizations and resources to help immigrants. Currently, the website can provide you with resources for the federal government for newcomers.

Community and religious organizations help immigrants

Most of the countries that have a sedentary policy have government organizations or community-based organizations that provide funding to help early settlers integrate into the community. These organizations will provide essential information to help immigrants learn about their communities and services available to immigrants. All this information is free of charge and is the responsibility of the above organizations.

You can search for these organizations over the Internet, in your local telephone directory, or ask staff in your public library or contact local government social services.

Recognizing the importance of helping clients integrate new life into the United States, SG VISA organizes American Integration classes to share useful information and practical knowledge to adapt life in the United States. quickly and efficiently