Citizenship is a very important test for US permanent residents who have been living in the United States for five years and want to become US citizens. However, this exam is not easy to pass if they do not have methods as well as not well understood. This article from SG VISA will advise those who are dreaming of becoming US citizens through this exam

Practice multiple choice questions

Psychology before taking American citizenship also affect a lot, so you first have to prepare psychologically comfortable.

Next, you should practice through the testing of 100 questions about citizens (History and Public Organization). The Citizenship and Immigration Citizenship Questionnaire (USCIS) will ask naturalized applicants for up to 10 out of 100 sentences. Applicants must correctly answer 6 out of 10 questions to pass the naturalization.

In the naturalization test, some answers may have changed because of elections or elections. When you take the exam, you need to find out for the most up-to-date answers. At the time of the interview with USCIS, make sure you answer these questions correctly to the names of the officials in service. USCIS judges will not accept the wrong answer.

Prepare all the necessary paperwork

Before the interview, you should prepare all documents required by the Immigration Department, such as interview invitation letter, photo ID, passport, birth certificate of applicant and guarantor, Marriage registration if married … and arrange them appropriately

And remember to bring all the papers prepared for the interview. If not, they will not be allowed to take the exam.

Arrive early 15 minutes

Most of the buildings where US citizenship interviews take place require athletes to pass through the security check area. Therefore, the applicant should arrive early for about 15 minutes to have sufficient time to check the security and psychological comfort at the interview.


Dress like in a job interview (in the US): Male wearing a vest; Women wear a vest or office dress. This is a way of showing respect and being easy on the interviewer.

Answer clearly

Make yourself a person with knowledge of English and an understanding of US government history. When interviewed, they must be able to listen, speak, read and understand basic English. Those who are over 50 years old or who have a green card for more than 20 years will be exempt from this test. If you are over 65 or have a green card for more than 20 years, you will be asked to answer the historical and government questions correctly.

If the interviewer reads the question too small or too quickly, you do not hear, do not understand, then boldly ask them to repeat the question to answer correctly.

Be honest

Remember the sworn candidate will be honest during the interview. So, always speak the truth during the interview and what you declare in the application for naturalization. If found guilty, the Immigration and Naturalization Agency may refuse the applicant’s records or if the applicant has already been granted a Certificate of Citizenship, he / she will still be deprived of his / her citizenship.

After the Immigration Department approves the application for US citizenship, the applicant must attend the oath of allegiance to the United States. However, if the physical or intellectual limitations of the affirmation do not understand the meaning of the oath, then the exemption will be waived.

Once you have sworn your Certificate of Citizenship, you no longer need a Permanent Resident Card and must return the Green Card to the Department of Immigration. Once you have a Certificate of Naturalization, you should make a passport as soon as possible and use a passport to prove your nationality. You should not carry a Certificate of Naturalization if you lose your application for a full year.