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Hi Ton Huy,

I am a lesbian, 35 years old. Due to the pressure from my family and fear of social discrimination, at age 27 I agreed to marry a man I did not love. We have a boy together. Since the wedding, I always fulfill the duty of the wife, the good mother should be husband and family husband love ink. However, because I can not love him, my marriage life is so painful and heavy. Finally, four years after my wedding, I decided to divorce him. I plan to stay with my children until I get the true love of my life. L. is a Vietnamese American, single 3 years older than us, we have been dating for 2 years. L. visited Vietnam three times.

Recently, when we learned that the US Supreme Court ruled in recognition of gay marriage across the United States, and we feel very happy. So L. wanted to sponsor me and my children together in the United States as the bride and groom. However, I feel extremely anxious about my special case. Does the consulate suspect our relationship, since I used to marry and have children with the opposite sex? If my ex-husband finds out the truth and does not agree to sign papers for me to follow me, then what should I do, does this have a lot of impact on my resume? Thank you.



First of all, thank you for your sharing and questions for the US VISA CHECKS section. Through your sharing, SG VISA is very understanding and sympathetic to your situation as well as other gay people who can not publicize their true gender to their family and society, especially to the commune. The Vietnamese community is boldly feuding and discriminating against Lesbian Gay-Bisexual-Transsexual (LGBT) communities.

On June 26, the United States Supreme Court ruled in favor of gay marriage across the United States. This is a very important win for the LGBT community as well as for other minorities, as the road to equality in marriage for the LGBT community today is very haphazard. It is worth mentioning that the efforts and tolerances of the LGBT community throughout history have helped them to achieve fairness in the law of family marriage, and this will bring a lot of benefits. from marriage to the LGBT community that heterosexual couples have been and are enjoying under the protection of the law. This is as important as the social movements of the 1960s. As of June 26, 2015 gay and lesbian couples across the United States have become equal in marriage registration and enjoy all the benefits of marriage.

Her case is not so rare in Vietnam. However, with the traditional view, for LGBT community members when they want to please their families often hide their true gender, and many gay people have to self-imposed that marriage to people. the opposite sex. In doing so, they not only hurt themselves but also hurt their husbands and wives and children. When babies are born, they will suffer a great loss because they do not enjoy the full love of their parents and the protection and protection of a warm family. The consequences of dishonesty from members of the LGBT community when they have to hide from their relatives, friends, colleagues, society and themselves will be immense. Because when a society is pressuring some members to live in seclusion and cheating on themselves, they inadvertently create artificial people who carry false ideas and take false actions. , and they will have a great impact on the people they communicate with. Thus, when the gay marriage law was ratified and enacted by the US Supreme Court, countless members of the LGBT community were freed and became more liberated under the protection of the United States Marriage Act. .

In your case, the things that need to be prepared will not be much different compared to a spousal or fiancé match. You and your sponsor also need to collect personal information about you, such as information about your family and your sponsor. You and your sponsor also need to gather knowledge about each other’s lives, especially knowledge related to finance and employment. You and your sponsor must also build a proof of relationship from the date you started dating until now, because you have to prove that your relationship has existed in the past, is happening now and will continue to evolve in the future after the two of you have been reunited in the US.

It is noteworthy that during the interview you have to fluently answer and provide the necessary evidence to convince the consular officer of your story and prove to them that your relationship is real and not for the purpose of settling in the United States. 2 you need to follow the timeline of your relationship, as the details of the first meeting are very often asked by interviewing consular officers and the reasonableness of the response. . Along with the information on the first meeting, you should be prepared with the convincing evidence that you have been communicating frequently through various means, such as Yahoo!. Messenger, Email messages, phone calls, photos of the trips together when the sponsor came to Vietnam, and the last time you met where, in what time, who witnessed, and What are the activities that two of you do? If all matters are transparent and true, the consular officer will issue a visa to you and your son.

Remember that when a consular officer has no reason to deny your application, they will, of course, be responsible for the allocation, and they will issue a visa for you and your son. If the child, if under the age of 18 at the time of the interview with the Consulate General of the United States, is allowed to accompany you to the United States to settle in with the US, you can do so. this with a court decision or the consent of the former husband has been notarized at the local government authority. In case your child does not agree with your child, he or she will not be granted a visa. However, this will not affect the decision to issue a visa for yourself.

SG VISA hopes to have some answers to your questions and interested readers with similar issues. If you and other readers have other questions, please contact SG VISA for more detailed and detailed advice. Wish you soon be reunited and build a new life with your American friend.

Huy Ton and SG VISA Team