Studying and getting married in America is easy?

I plan to study abroad then there. I plan to get married, I’m worried about the future so I ask:

– How good is your college?

– For example, when you get married, how long do you receive your green card?

– If the card is limited to 4 years and the third year married, then they consider the card forever for you?

– Is the marriage true, the probability of receiving the card is high?

Oliver Queen

Welcome to Oliver Queen.

Planning for a clear plan in the future is important, as it is an affirmation of the goals that need to be reached and will affect your future life. SG VISA is very understanding and congratulates you for setting your goals and wishes for the future. In this article, SG VISA hopes to help you get a little involved in goal setting – typically a dream of settling in the United States.

The first thing you need to do is get a U.S. visa, and this should be well prepared for your F-1 visa interview, as you will have to prove to the US Consulate. The purpose of the visa is to study, not to get married and permanently reside in the United States, and your study plan must show that, after completing the program you will return to Vietnam. Male.

Often, foreigners (applicants) traveling abroad, traveling or using nonimmigrant visas to enter the United States then register their marriage with a US citizen or permanent resident who is considered legitimate. meets the following conditions:


– The length of stay in the United States is legally valid when the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) stamped upon entry into the United States (such as I-20, I-94 …);

– Both the applicant and sponsor are in a single state and can legally marry;

– Not subject to marriage ban because of infectious diseases, crime …

Once you have registered for marriage in the United States, you can apply for a visa change and register for Permanent Resident Status.

The following documents and forms need to be prepared for the marriage guarantee application:

1. Form I-130.

2. Form G-325A for you and your wife.

3. Form G-1145 – request USCIS to notify via Email.

4. Form I-485.

5. One check sheet of 420 USD paid to U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

6. Your birth, your wife and a certified English translation.

7. Evidence of conjugal relationship.

8. Divorce certificate and English translations, if applicable.

9. 1 portrait (5 × 5) of you and your wife, with your name and date / month of birth in the background.

10. Birth of children and English translations, if available.

11. Passport of you and your wife.

12. 3 letter confirming your spousal relationship written by a third person.

At the interview, you must be willing to prove that your spousal relationship is real. The waiting period for green card applications is approximately 3 – 5 months. However, the time to receive green cards long or fast depending on the case of each person, has been filed since the filing date of the green card waiting to wait 2 to 3 years.

If approved, USCIS will grant you a green card for a term of two years (usually called a conditional resident green card). When you have a two-year green card, you are considered an American Permanent Resident, and then you enjoy the full rights of a Permanent Resident (other than the right of citizenship). If you are eligible for a loan or a scholarship, you will be provided with free medical, health and housing benefits (if you qualify). Before 90 days when your green card expires, you must file a petition with USCIS to apply for a green card for 10 years (permanent green card). At this point you will be more secure because when you have a green card for 10 years, you are allowed to apply for the National Certificate if you have been married for 3 years.

Regular student visa is valid for one year but after the expiration of one year, you can still extend your visa to stay in the United States until you complete your I-20 course. It is worth noting that a student visa is limited to one year and only a Letter of Offer (I-20) shows that your study program lasts four years. Therefore, to avoid the situation after the course ends 1-4 years depending on the school you enroll, so that you are not an illegal resident, so that you can have green cards and achieve goals, If you live in the United States, you should consider the reasonable time to marry US citizens based on the information that SG VISA has shared above.

If your Oliver Queen and other dear readers have other questions regarding your study abroad, travel, settlement, or EB-5 settlement, please enter SG VISA website:, or contact SG VISA for more specific and practical information and knowledge. Wish you luck and soon reach the dream of settling in the United States.