Hello Huy Ton. You can refer to How long does it take to register a fiancée / fiancée? Is he a foreigner to do so my husband back to Vietnam? And your English level is very weak if you can speak in English interview can you speak? And how much does the fiancé / spouse visa cost? Can you please advise me? Thank you very much!Linh


Hello, Linh.

First, SG VISA would like to congratulate you for choosing your spouse and decided to build a reunion with him in the US. SG VISA would like to answer your questions in turn as follows:

– How long does it take to register a fiancée / fiancée?

Based on many years of experience with the US Consulate General in Vietnam (LSQ) and over four years of counseling for some American settlers in the United States, the time needed to complete the fiancee filing / fiancée varies by state. However, the length of time waiting for the fiancée / fiancée to be interviewed at LSQ will vary from 8-12 months, and the time gap will depend on the thorough preparation of the applicant’s family. and guarantor. Waiting times are not the single most important factor that guarantees fiancé / spousal or spousal records, as the most important element is persuading the LSQ of the relationship between the applicant and the person. Guarantee and purpose of visa use of the applicant’s family is justified.

– He is a foreigner to do so, my husband back to Vietnam?

If the sponsor is a US citizen, both the sponsor and the applicant are still in a marryable state, and from the last time they meet until your family files a fiancé / fiancé , according to US immigration law, your boyfriend can completely guarantee you. So, Linh should carefully check the last two met you have more than 2 years and 2 you have convincing evidence that the relationship of you two existed before, is happening in the present and will Going forward in the future to persuade US government officials about your relationship and the purpose of using your family’s visa is justified, there is no reason why US government officials will not have a reason to deny the petition. you.

– And your English level is very weak if you can speak Vietnamese in the interview?

According to US immigration law, cultural and linguistic competence is not a determining factor for applicants who are allowed to reside in the United States for reunification with a US citizen under a fiancé’s / fiancé’s sponsorship. When the applicant is interviewed by the LSQ, the applicant may speak Vietnamese, but the applicant and the sponsor must prove that the language and culture differences between them are not barriers to preventing them from coming together. married couples and reunited life in the US not for the purpose of settling the family of the applicant.

However, learning English is one of the first and most important steps for immigrants to integrate and stabilize their lives in the United States. The first problem that most new immigrants from Vietnam to the US will face is English. As nearly all daily activities will involve communication in English. Normally a newcomer from Vietnam to the US settles for a long time to get acquainted with the voice and tone of the native. Therefore, you need to take the time to learn English as soon as possible, although not much, but at least hear, say a few to find a job. Language is the key to life, every day your English ability is difficult, the opportunity to integrate and develop in the United States more harsh. Imagine, a newcomer who is applying for jobs without speaking and hearing what the boss wants is very difficult to convince the company to hire him.

In 2011 SG VISA we have successfully advised a customer with the same profile as you. They do not have the same language because the fiancé is not fluent in Vietnamese and she is not fluent in English. When they asked SG VISA for advice, we spent two weeks working with them only to listen and understand their needs, aspirations, dreams, plans, future and new lives in the United States. Having thoroughly understood their profile, we advised them on the following: Applicants must attend English classes immediately, as this will help her to understand more about fiancé, At LSQ, she was able to communicate with her fiance, but also gave her confidence in her new life in America.

And to help you and many other readers who have family members coming to America to overcome the language barrier, SG VISA recommends that you study English as soon as possible. There are also a number of very good English language schools that offer short-term programs to help students achieve their goals of communicating in English. Specific examples are the New York English Language School in Saigon, which offers programs to help immigrants prepare for visa interviews, study abroad and travel, as well as prepare their families for integration. new life in the US SG VISA has sent many of our clients to New York English Language School to learn English in the past, and they enjoyed the results they received from short-term courses at the New York English Language School.

– And how much is the fiancé’s / spouse’s visa cost?

For specific expenses, please contact SG VISA for more accurate and accurate advice, because if your application is not too difficult, SG VISA will advise and advise you. charge a fee.

If you and other dear readers to other questions related to study, travel, settlement, or investment settlements under the EB-5 program in the United States, please enter the website. of SG VISA:, or contact SG VISA for more specific and practical information and knowledge. Wishing you an early dream of reuniting with your husband and building a new life in America.

Huy Ton and SG VISA Team