Unilaterlly cancel the guarantee easy profile?

My name is My Thuan, a frequent reader of the Young newspaper, is known to have a question and answer in the United States of America by Huy Ton responsibility, now I have problems with the guarantee of the couple, brother Huy Ton Answered.

In 2002, I made a bail for my spouse, while my husband was still alive, so my financial guarantee was not a problem, and in 2008 my husband died, and at the same time I was Knowing my brother-in-law, I added that when adding a criminal record No. 2, I learned more that my brother-in-law had been sent to jail for appropriating socialist assets. I also try my best to help my spouse come here but now I am afraid that I will not be able to bear this brother in law, so I want to ask Huy Ton I can unilaterally To cancel the sponsorship of my brother-in-law and just guarantee my sister or not, I hope Huy Ton solves my problem.

While waiting for Huy Ton’s reply I would like to send to Huy Ton in particular and you say in my deep gratitude.

Readers of the quarter – My Thuan


A Dear Ms. My Thuan,

First of all, SG VISA would like to express our condolences to the death of her husband five years ago and to sympathize with her for the sorrow, concern and concern for her sister’s family happiness. In fact, My Thuan had to think and think a lot about the decision to cancel sponsorship of her brother-in-law because she knows that doing it right or wrong also directly affects the behavior. the happiness of your sister. Ms. My Thuan should share and clarify her point of view with her sister to fully understand her sister and understand her decision.

For your questions, SG VISA would like to share with you and other interested readers the following information, knowledge and practical experience:

Ms. My Thuan can completely cancel the sponsorship of her brother-in-law, but still can continue to sponsor her sister. What you need to do now is to write an application for US government officials so they know your intentions.

The record of her sister was opened in 2002 and has added a Judicial Record No. 2 so it may be in the NVC (National Visa Center) stage. In this case, she wrote a letter and sent the NVC to cancel the name of her brother-in-law on her sister’s sponsorship. The content of the message should include the following key information:

– Case number

– Name and date of the sponsor

– The name and date of birth of the principal

– Explain the reason for the cancellation of the brother-in-law of the sister household

– Signature of the sponsor in the petition to cancel the name of the brother-in-law.

Then, the name of the brother-in-law will be stopped and USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Services) or the NVC (National Visa Center) will notify the applicant’s family of the change. of the guarantee profile. At the same time, when you write to NVC, you should write a letter with similar content and send it to USCIS.

In October 2013, SG VISA successfully advised a customer with a similar profile as my sister My Thuan. Their file is the F3 (Parents’ Guaranteed Parents of US Citizenship) application, the main sponsor of which was sponsored by his mother and opened in early 2002. also falls into addiction, gambling, alcohol and besides, Judicial History No. 2 is also somewhat “bright”, that he has committed a criminal offense for using the state budget incorrectly for specified purposes. Depressed and desperate with her husband, the daughter decided to tell her mother to cancel her husband’s guarantee. When they asked SG VISA for advice, we spent a week working with them just to listen and understand their needs, their aspirations, their dreams, their plans and their future in the US – especially the new life. of her daughter and her nephews are at school age. After thoroughly investigating their case, we advised them on the following: The sponsor should write a letter stating the purpose and state the reason for the cancellation of the sponsorship of the son-in-law , then send a letter informing US government officials (USCIS, NVC, LSQ).

In addition, SG VISA has been well prepared and built on the evidence of mother-child relationships, firmly grasp each other’s personal information, knowledge of life and working environment including In Vietnam, as well as in the United States, help them practice interviews and ask many questions to check consistency in the answers. After the USCIS and the NVC have approved the cancellation of the son-in-law, the girl’s and grandchildren’s descendants are invited to interview and all of them (except the son-in-law) are granted a visa. It is simply because the girl’s family and their children know in advance that US government officials will be concerned and ask questions about the mother-child relationship between the sponsor and the applicant, the relationship between the applicant and her husband, her husband’s past crimes and the difficulties he is facing, the wishes of the applicant’s family, especially the future of their children. During the preparation of the application for the applicant’s family, SG VISA has provided them with the answers to help LSQ ask further questions and then focus on the information the applicant’s family has prepared for. SG VISA understands that if the information provided in the answer does not help guide the LSQ to ask questions about what we have prepared, it is likely that LSQ will ask other subject questions that the applicant’s family Unwittingly led to trouble for the record.

If My Thuan and other dear readers have other questions related to studying, traveling, settling, or investing in EB-5 immigration, please Please enter the website of SG VISA: www.sgvisa.org, or contact SG VISA by phone or Email for more specific and practical information and knowledge.

Wish her happy, soon overcome the difficulties of family economics and soon to be reunited with her sister in America.

Huy Ton and SG VISA Team