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“… My family is also planning to marry an American to a higher success rate. Do not know now how to make your profile better and the success rate higher, expect SG VISA Team to help you.”


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Thank you for sharing your family’s difficulties in pursuing your dream of getting a visa to enter the United States. SG VISA condolences with you and your family has been repeatedly refused LSQ visa. And in this article, we should understand the possible consequences of marrying US citizens or permanent residents for settlement, and at the same time we should understand the challenges of the US government in the process. the filing of a petition, the filing of a petition, the filing of a petition, the filing of a petition, the filing of a petition, the filing of a petition, the filing of a petition, the filing of a petition, and the filing of a petition.

The United States has enacted a number of laws designed to prevent and prevent fictitious marriages between aliens and US citizens or permanent residents in exchange for immigration benefits. In 1986 the US Congress passed the Supplementary Fake Marriage Law, which was designed to reflect concerns about alien marriages for US citizens or permanent residents with the sole purpose of settling. Section 216 of the Fake Marriage Code creates an additional two-year requirement for permanent residents to marry aliens with US citizens or permanent residents who can then become permanent residents. Section 216 not only affects the primary PA in the entry visa application or the conditional green card transfer, but also affects the PA’s children listed in the US visa application. At the same time, if the marriage is identified and prosecuted for settlement, the PE and the PA can be fined up to 5 years imprisonment, $ 250,000 or both.

In addition to Section 216 of the Forced Marriage Code, Section 212 (a) (6) (C) Visa Denial Act Section (a) (6) of the Immigration Code Residents and U.S. Citizens have severe penalties for falsified documents and evidence for fraud or misrepresentation with the US Government for the purpose of receiving immigration benefits. PA’s visa application was denied under section 212 (a) (6) (C) because the PA provided misleading information or evidence of fraud to the Consular Officer (VCLS) during the interview, PA will VINH VION no longer qualify for entry into the United States. Please understand that any future visa applications that you lodge on any visa for any reason and in any situation or age will be rejected.

Providing false information and / or false evidence during interviews is a serious offense and will have a lasting and lasting effect on your chances of living, studying, working, visit relatives, heal, trade, invest, or develop in the US. Therefore, before proceeding to apply for entry into the United States, PAs should carefully consider the provision of false information and false evidence. Above are possible consequences for spousal or spousal spousal records for the purposes of settlement, however, so that government officials identify a fake profile they would normally rely on. the following factors:

Consistency in the personal information provided by PA and PE in the records and testimony in the interview,

The lack of knowledge about PE, PE, and Vietnam’s times of entry into Vietnam from the time we met, the first and last meeting between PA and PE in Vietnam as well as the US. and other countries,

Evidence of relationship.

Of these three factors, if PA and PE are unclear about Factors 1 and 2 and believe they have more convincing evidence that they will be evidently allowed to settle, they will most likely be sent by government officials. My profile is fake. During my time at LSQ, I was well trained in the skills to reject all evidence provided by the PA and the PE.


– A photo shoot can only prove that PA and PE are together for 10 seconds and then they can break up, so they can not prove they are still together for 23 hours 59 minutes and 50 seconds left during the day;

– Email or chatting over the internet can not prove that PE and PA are chaters, but can only prove their “accounts” communicate, and possibly others, like siblings. or friends, using these accounts;

– Letters or postcards may be written by others;

– The invoice can be returned to the sender’s family;

– Air ticket for 2 people traveling together, temporary book or hotel bill named both people can not prove that 2 people sleeping together night;

Co-ownership may be repaid after the application has been approved by a government official;

Dismissing PA as a beneficiary or insurance claim may be canceled as soon as the application is approved;

Even a common child can only prove that PE and PA sleep together once they do not continue living together as husband and wife after that time.
If other readers will marry for your love and proceed to sponsor your spouse in the future, SG VISA would like to share information, knowledge, and experience to help your readers achieve the purpose of reunion. . Please contact SG VISA for more accurate advice on other US immigration questions.
Huy Ton and SG VISA Team