Why do my family keep failing visa?

I am 21 years old. In 2007, when I was in grade 10, my family went to Vietnam for study abroad and the application was prepared by my uncle. When interviewed, they said that their uncle lives in the US and their Vietnamese family, and the Consulate (LSQ) asked his brother what kind of school he is telling me not to remember. And I went to PV 2 times LSQ was dropped. Three or four years ago, my brother also applied for a job interview, but LSQ asked for a transcript of the school he was attending, but at that time he did not have a transcript and the photo was rejected by the LSQ. .

My older cousin also made a record of studying abroad with me and was also beaten by the LSQ. But recently his brother applied for a visa to go there to donate a kidney to his cousin and was granted LSQ visa.

Now my family in Vietnam and his family in the United States want to make a profile for interviews to study abroad but because I was previously rejected twice so I think his ability to study abroad It is very difficult, so your family also intended for you to marry an American to a higher success rate. Do not know now how to make your profile better and the success rate higher than SG VISA Team help you. aznbadboy@@yahoo.com



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Thank you for sharing the difficulties your family has faced in pursuing your dream of getting a visa to enter the United States for a chance to settle, study, work, and grow in a new environment. SG VISA condolences with you and your family has been repeatedly refused LSQ visa. And in this article we should understand the usual reasons for refusal to apply for student visas like your friend and brother. SG VISA would like to share with you and your readers practical experience on how to prepare the best profile to get a visa to settle in the US.

According to the above information, your profile and family are not well prepared so when you come to LSQ interviews you have not been able to prove that you deserve visa to study. Things to prepare well for your student visa, if your family and you still want to get a student visa for the coming time, should include, but not limited to:


1. The information you provide on the DS-160 must state your specific study plan and purpose,

2. Can your family’s livelihoods be convincing with concrete evidence and financial use of the family,

3. The knowledge of your family, especially the work and home life of family members,

4. Place and people you will live with during your study.

5. Constraints that bring students back to Vietnam after completing their study abroad program in the United States.

In April 2013, SG VISA has consulted a student’s family, financial and relative status in the United States similar to your case. This family of students is also engaged in animal husbandry. They have more than 3,000 honey bee farms in Dong Nai but they can not have evidence of their income. they have relatives in America; This student has an average grade point average of 6.0 and English proficiency is not good; Students do not know why they want to study in the United States. When he arrived at SG VISA, the student was rejected by the LSQ 5 times because he did not know how to prepare the information and knowledge for the application, and his family changed the three companies.
To prepare for your student visa application, SG VISA has done the following:

1. Collect all the student’s personal information, academic strengths, desires, and purpose.

2. Collect information about family members in Vietnam.

3. Gather information about relatives living in the United States.

4. Gather information about your family’s financial ability, in Vietnam and in the US.

5. Ask the family to provide financial proof.

6. Retake the offer (I-20) at the school near the home of a relative in the United States.

7. Educate your family to collect additional financial evidence.

8. Practice this interview for you 3 times.

9. And arrange evidence for records.

However, when you were interviewed, you were so worried about the possibility of repeated rejection by the LSQ so you could not answer fluently family questions, and then again you were LSQ refused visa. After the interview, we ask you about LSQ questions. He reiterated that because of the obsession with many previous visa refusals, you have put yourself under pressure. But when LSQ asked you about the time, visa status and work of the US living in the US, he answered, “I have not. How about you can remember my brother’s story. “Just because the answer half joke that this friend has once again been refused LSQ visa.

Because students and their families are so fond of studying in the US, they ask SG VISA to help them get an interview, and we agreed. To help you get a better visa interview, we will focus on your psychology more closely, and we will also work on new information and evidence other than information and qualifications. Proof given in the previous interview. After 4 weeks and 8 interviews for psychological preparation, the student has re-interviewed and LSQ has issued the student visa.

In the next article, SG VISA will share experiences and knowledge on many cases of spousal or fiancé marriage in the US.

Huy Tôn và SG VISA Team