The key to success in the U.S travel visa

I want to go to America to see the football game that took place in August 2014 in East Charlotte. Do I have to apply for a visa? What do I need to get a visa? If there is a sponsor in the US to see it? Please help yourself. Duong Thuy Duong


Welcome to Thuy Duong,

Although open and open more than before, but visa approval is still considered the “barrier” of the largest Vietnamese tourists to enter the United States. SG VISA would like to share with you and other interested readers the knowledge, experience and specific information on procedures for entry into the country flag.

If you want to enter the United States, the first thing you must apply for US visa. To apply for a tourist visa, you will need to complete the DS-160 form and make an appointment for an interview at, print the form and letter of confirmation. An appointment to bring along for an interview. Then pay a non-refundable visa fee of 3,440,000 VND at Citibank (Sun Wah Building, 15th Floor – 115 Nguyen Hue, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, HCMC). This fee is only for one interview, can not be refunded but can be transferred to another.

When interviewing, you should prepare and bring the following documents:

– Interview letter

– Receipt of $ 160 payment to Citibank

– Passport valid for 6 months or more

– 2 5×5 photos taken within the last 6 months – Income, proof of ownership of assets such as land, cars, certificates of shares, stocks, savings accounts, rental contracts, capital contribution … if);

– Household registration, ID, “marriage certificate” or divorce certificate, your birth certificate and children (if any) …

– If a relative in the United States issues a financial guarantee, you will need to bring the documents sent by a relative to prove that they have the financial capacity to sponsor the person on the Vietnamese side. tax declaration, confirmation of bank balance, job confirmation, nationality / green card, …

You will be informed by a Consular Officer of the results of your visa application or the decision to decline your visa right after the interview.

In order to persuade the consular officer at the interview, you must prove the following:

– You have a strong attachment to your place of residence that can not be abandoned: These are the aspects of life, prove your return by working relationships and family ties. . Fixed assets of great value such as real estate, bank accounts, business registration certificates by your name …; Family relationships such as having children, old parents … are factors that are of concern when reviewing visas.

– Your trip is a short trip and you will leave the US after the end.

– You have the financial capacity to pay for all expenses associated with the trip without seeking employment while in the US.

– It will be more convenient to consider the US tourist visa if you have traveled a lot of countries, especially developed countries such as Europe, Australia, Japan, Korea …

A set of documents is called “standard” when it meets all three elements: full, clear (easy to verify, reconcile) and honest. In addition to thorough preparation you need to be confident in the interview. Come 30 minutes ahead of time (if you arrive too early, long waiting times make you nervous, nervous), dress neatly, politely, do not bring any electronics on. inside, including cell phones. When interviewing, you need to listen carefully questions, honest and short answer, avoid telling, lengthy explanation. All answers must match the record. Just a little unreasonable like misspelling office phone numbers or “marriage registration” … it’s easy to lose your confidence and “drop” the opportunity.

Most Vietnamese think that letters of invitation, letters of guarantee from relatives from the US sent back as “key” to help them open the door to the US tourism. In fact, there are times when over 70% of all nonimmigrant visa applications, such as travel, study abroad, work, cultural exchange, market expansion, etc. The more relationships you have in the United States with which you can not prove your work and family ties in Vietnam, the less chance you have of getting your visa. The US visa badge is located in the preparation section of the visa application and the interview process, so we can convince the consular officer that we have a clear visa purpose. As a burden or a threat to our society, while we are in the United States, we have never intended to settle for this visa, and we have a lot of ties in Vietnam that make us return. Vietnam after the trip has been completed.

If you travel self-sufficiency proven financial ability is also important but you are not clear about the age as well as work so SG VSIA can only answer you the most common. For many customers who have previously been refused US immigrant visa by the US Consular Officer, after seeking SG VISA and asking for advice, the necessary steps to prepare their application. I usually include, but not limited to:

1. Understand well the applicant and the purpose of the visa,

2. Prepare documentation of financial capacity and constraints in Vietnam,

3. Interview to try to stabilize the psychology and how to respond to the consular officer to address the questions under the prepared applicant topic.

The process of obtaining US tourist visas is a long and complicated process for many Vietnamese citizens, because the US government, especially the US consular officer, knows very well that many Vietnamese citizens have entered Vietnam. US visa purpose and many Vietnamese have become the burden of American society in the process they are present in the US.

Wish you get an American tourist visa soon to watch the football game in August, 2014 in Charlotte, SC. SG VISA hopes to have some answers to your questions and interested readers with similar issues. If you and other readers have other questions, please contact SG VISA for more detailed and detailed advice. Good luck to Thuy Duong “get” US tourist visa.

Huy Ton and SG VISA Team