How to guarantee her husband through America not enooough finance?

Dear Huy Ton and SG VISA Team!

I would like to present the following: My girlfriend went to study abroad with a financial aid Auntie and went to October 2007, but then made a marriage certificate to stay in the US, and have green card from In 2009, now has a green card for 10 years and waiting for citizenship, May 05/2010 once, the second time in May 2012, because the cost does not allow so much …

Currently my girlfriend has completed divorce proceedings and is single … I myself applied for a student visa and was denied twice on February 14 and February 24, 2012. We want to make a profile for you. My guarantee to the United States. But my girlfriend still go to school, financially unstable, she also has to work, but a month earns about 500 – 700 dollars. Then we have to do to qualify for bail. Hope you and SG VISA Team help.

The marriage of my girlfriend previously had no impact on our records. If you start to open the file, how long will the application process, how much cost, because the two children are going to school so the cost is still limited. Dear Mr. Huy Ton and SG VISA Team for advice and assistance. Thank you! – Minh Hai


Hi, Phan Minh Hai, firstly SG VISA congratulations he has found a partner and intends to marry.

If your girlfriend is a US citizen, she can open a bail for him as a spouse or as a bride / groom. To initiate the process of filing, she must file Form I-130 for Spouses or I-129F for Bride / Groom and submit to US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). This type of visa does not have an annual limit. As a result, your case will be resolved immediately after the application is approved by USCIS. Normally, the waiting period from the filing date to the US entry day is between 8 and 11 months for the Married / Married Claims and between 11 and 13 months for the Wife / Husband.

If your girlfriend is a resident of the United States (Lawful Permanent Resident). She can only sponsor him as a F2A Fiancé (spouse) permanent resident after his marriage. Previously, F2A visas were limited to yearly levels. Immigrant visas will be processed in the order of the date on which the petitioner has opened the file until a sufficient number of visas are available. The opening date of the petition becomes the “priority date” for each applicant. Visa can not be issued until the priority date of the applicant is due. As the number of applications is overloaded, the application may take several years to reach the interviewee. However, since August 2013, priority status for F2A visas has been made available to people around the world. Therefore, the waiting period from the filing date to the visa is 11-13 months.

Under US marital law, any single US citizen who is single can marry aliens, as long as the other person is also single; According to US immigration law, US citizens are entitled to sponsor their spouses for the purpose of reuniting in the United States. However, because there are so many sponsorship documents from Vietnam that have been tampered with, the USCIS and the US Consulate General will carefully review the records of previous marriages. .

His girlfriend became a permanent resident in 2009 by marrying a US citizen or with a permanent resident, after having a ten year green card, preparing for a nationality diploma, will divorce her husband, which will do. Consular officials suspected that his girlfriend’s previous marriage was for the sole purpose of settling in the United States. Therefore, in order to “clear up” their suspicions, he and his girlfriend need to build a very logical and persuasive evidence block. This piece of evidence needs to be sustained to prove that your relationship is true and that it is derived from love for the purpose of marriage, and not a “forgery” intended to circumvent immigration law. into the United States, “the relationship is occurring and will continue after he has settled in the United States.

With respect to financial sponsorship, the Department of Immigration determines that a sponsor or co-sponsor must prove that they are financially secure when applying for a relative guarantee. The purpose of financial sponsorship guaranteed by the sponsor and co-sponsor is to avoid having too many US immigrants under the sponsorship of relatives and some cases of labor migration, become a burden of society. However, this does not mean that only wealthy or financially able people can sponsor relatives to settle in the United States. If there are only guarantors and applicants on file, the total required amount for 2014 is $ 19,662. If you add one person, the following formula will be used:

$ 19,662 + (the number of followers on file x $ 5,075) = total income required.

In early 2013, SG VISA has successfully advised a young couple. The sponsor is still in college and has never worked or filed a tax return. When they came to SG VISA we were really puzzled because they did not want to wait until the sponsors went out and secured a new job. SG VISA advised them that the sponsor would ask a friend’s family for co-sponsorship, and the family of the co-sponsor must also use the form to determine their financial eligibility. of USCIS. After two weeks of searching and asking friends, the sponsor informed SG VISA we knew he had asked a family of American co-sponsors for his wife. Their records have also been approved by the US government, and they are now waiting for their first daughter to be born in June 2013 in Miami.

If your sponsor does not file a tax return, you must also file Form I-864 for part-time income, and ask other high-income earners such as her aunt to help with finances. Fill out another form of I-864 / I-864A / I-864P as long as your income meets the minimum standards based on the above formula.

Each profile and each individual has their own information, knowledge and evidence, so when SG VISA is not well understood about his personal, his girlfriend and his or her relationship, the SG VISA can not advise you specifically and provide the appropriate level of service fees for your records.

SG VISA hopes to partly answer your questions and interested readers with the same problem. If you and other readers have other questions, please contact SG VISA for more detailed and detailed advice. Wish Minh Hai soon be reunited and build family life with girlfriend in America.

Huy Ton and SG VISA Team